Her Story:
To whomever cares,
        Let me tell you about the first time I saw Merlin. I thought: "he's wonderful". It was at a campfire game night at the Hukilou Beach Park. He was in charge of the werewolf game and Mer's natural charisma and how fun he made things, immediately attracted him to me; and, he sparked a small flame. This spark in my heart eventually grew into this huge, giant, four-alarm fire, all consuming, but, yet continually burning!
        I wasn't able to talk to him that night, I guess I was too overwhelmed by his presence, but the next night we met again at a singles conference hoedown, and I was lucky enough to watch him dance a little, His dancing was so cute. Mer came over and started talking with our little circle and I found out he snorkels, and hikes, and he surfs, and I thought: "I've hit the jackpot, the virtual mother load of funness"! He was exactly the person I wanted to meet and hang out with for my two month stay in Hawaii. I got his number and the next day we hung out on a bus ride for a Single's Ward outing-thingy, It was the best bus ride of my life! Merlin called me to go out on an adventure soon after, and I was hooked like a marlin.
        We hung out for nearly two months before we started dating. When we finally got to that first awkward moment, you know the time when you first hold each others hand, and you know ... , well you know, it was about a week and a half before I had my plane ticket to go home.
        Merlin made my life so much more complicated! I hoped he didn't think I was some summer romance, and would just disappear. I left, and flew home, and after a lot of praying, and talking to my mom and dad, I decided that if Merlin was the one, I needed time to get to know him, and fall in love with him more, much more! I made my decision and came back in a week and a half from home, and we were together every day for the next three months.
        On Christmas day, at my parent's home, early in the morning, Merlin proposed to me, making me the luckiest girl in the universe.
        I am so happy and so blessed to have Merlin in my life, and soon for eternity, and beyond!
Emily Ellen Ellsworth (soon to be Wollenzien!!)
His Story:
        I met Emily at a beach activity one night in the middle of June. We got more acquainted that weekend at a church service activity. Most of my friends had left the island for the summer so I was stoked to make some new ones (Emily and her friend Sarah). I was particularly happy that they didn't have jobs or schooling so they would always be available to go diving and adventuring with me after I got off work at 3 each afternoon.
        Little did I know just how adventure capable Emily was. She followed and usually exceeded my skills as we hiked, climbed, and rappelled around the Ko'olau range. The third time I took her surfing was at leftovers break on North Shore. The waves were 4-5 feet in height and I was a little apprehensive taking Emily as the break was a bit more difficult and dangerous, but I couldn't say no. After we paddled out to the deep I watched her paddle down a swell and disappear from my site. I was a little nervous - expecting her to wipeout and swim up through the whitewash behind the wave. I stared in disbelief as I saw her little head appear near the top of the wave as she surfed it in towards shore. When she paddled back out I told her that I would be happy if she were my wife and I could spend the rest of my life surfing with her in Hawaii. She didn't comment on my suggestion at that time.
        We spent every afternoon and many dinners together throughout the rest of the summer. She was beautiful and I loved every minute that I spent with her, but my conscious never ceased to remind me of our age gap and the fact that she was only here for the summer. I never imagined she would be romantically interested in me and I felt it unethical to make a move on her. I took a trip home in August and when I returned I spent a day surfing with my buddy Randy who seemed to know something about Emily and I. He was adamant that I ask her out or at least talk to her about our relationship. I was even more doubtful about a potential romantic relationship by this time, but I thought I'd at least try something. The day we dropped Sarah (Emily's sidekick) off at the airport I invited Emily over for a movie that evening. I got out a big beanbag for us to share and watch the movie on. We were close on the bag but I was still to apprehensive (chicken) to make a move. Half way through the movie, with a sigh of frustration, she grabbed my hand. I was blown away that she was interested in a relationship with me. I didn't know how it would turn out, but I knew I would enjoy our time together a bit more than before.


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